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Service Dogs Say “I Woof You” in Adorable Dog Wedding Ceremony

by Amy Drew

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Trooper the boxer works very hard giving Lisa Ramsey the help she needs. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time for love.

It all started when he met classmate Sophie during service dog training. Everyone around them could tell it was love at first sight.

“They started right away,” Ramsey told reporters at WFAA. “Sophie and Trooper would find a way during that one hour class to work their way over to each other, and play and love.”

Ramsey is a paralyzed Fort Worth Police Officer. She has largely been confined to a wheelchair since being shot in the line of duty in 2003.

She said her Boxer not only took to the instruction, but took to snuggling up against Sophie whenever he could.

Before long, they were known to be boyfriend and girlfriend. And as of last weekend, they are husband and wife!

“Sophie had a white Satin dress, and veil piece on the back of her head. And Trooper wore a black tux with tails, and small top hat,” Ramsey said.

The doggie walk down the aisle was captured on video (see above).

Vows were recited, cake was enjoyed. It was a good time for all.

“It was funny,” Ramsey said. “They even exchanged dog tags with their names on it. He’s wearing one that says Trooper and Sophie Ramsey.”

And it wasn’t all about the wedding, either. The weekend also marks Trooper’s graduation from student into full-fledged, certified service dog.

“He graduated, as well. He really helps with my mobility,” his proud owner said.

Trooper is now adept at opening some doors and can easily retrieve items that she accidentally drops.

“He can get into almost any space and grab those keys,” she said.

Sophie doesn’t live that close by, so the Ramseys’ will be a “long distance” marriage!