Seven Dogs Rescued from Death in Korean Meat Farm Come to America

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The fight to save the lives of dogs headed to slaughter to be used a food is far from over, but another small victory has been scored!  These seven dogs were headed to that terrible fate, but were rescued and brought to the United States to start a new life without the worry of ending up on someone’s dinner plate.







3 thoughts on “Seven Dogs Rescued from Death in Korean Meat Farm Come to America”

  1. I am happy these dogs are safe. They dog is here for human companionship not as food. I could not eat my most loyal companion. The fact that they beat them alive is beyond comprehension as they scream in pain and terror. Humanely killing them if they have to eat them would be the compassionate thing to do. However, that part of the worlds culture is brutal.

  2. What seven dogs here are now euthanized because we brought these seven dogs here? All decisions have consequences. Including bringing dogs to a country that kills a million a year because of overpopulation. How is it different? Because we incinerate them into dust instead of eating them?


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