She Sits in Her Cage, Waiting…

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From Angels For Animals:


She sits in her cage waiting…

She stands up when she hears the door to the dog wing open. She looks towards the door. She’s looking for someone. When people stand in front of her cage she gets up and stands at the bars wagging her tail…looking up in their faces. Some look back at her and say kind things like, “Hi, sweet girl.”  “You want a home, don’t you?”

Others just keep walking. She goes and sits back on her bed and waits some more… This happens over and over, all day long. Day after day, and week after week. River has been with us since March.

River needs an adopter with dog training/behavior experience. She has been suffering from anxiety for the past few months and is currently on Prozac.

River is choosy about her dog friends, but definitely does not like cats. She also needs a home with no small children. Every toy she sees, she wants – she can be very excitable and mouthy when she plays.

River has never lived in a home.She was brought to the shelter by humane agents because she was living with homeless people out in the woods. She had been dumped on their property and they had no way to take care of her. Her full history is unknown.

When we took her in she tested positive for heart worm. She has been treated and will continue to be under our care until she finally tests negative.
River is approximately three years old and is a pit bull mix.

She is a complex girl who needs a hero. If you are interested please GIVE US A CALL 330-549-1111 ASK FOR LISA in the dog wing. ***** We cannot possibly read through all of the comments to find the questions that need to be answered. Please call with questions or email Lisa at [email protected]
Canfield, Ohio


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  1. My dog that I lost at only 10 months old was named River. I hope this River finds a furever home soon.

  2. The same thing happened when my husband adopted his Lab. He had been in the shelter for months the girls who volunteered would take him home so he would not be put him down. Dave found him and he had a look on his face that said “You don’t want me noone does” Dave took him home and he was an awesome dog. I hope River gets that lucky.

    • Is the reason a updates on this dig as of to day December 25th? Any updates of this dog as of today’s December 25th?

  3. My Boxer was a rescue dog who has given me joy I cannot express. All dogs deserve a forever home. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE adopt a rescue dog.

  4. I had a rescued dog got him at 18months had him for 13yrs . Logan was his name. Was the best dog.. he ate what I ate . no dog food in a bag he never like the chit any way so if I had steak I had to buy him one too.. he was an akita.. called vet to put him down a year ago .. still miss him

  5. Got my shepherd/basset mix from a shelter in 2004… She was 2 then and I lost her last January 2nd after several days of illness.

    She was a wonderful companion and i miss her terribly… I would get another one but I am soon to be 74 and may or may not have another 10 years to devote to a pet ( dog or cat).

    • My next adopted pet will be a senior for the same reason. I figure we will both slow down together and I can still hopefully save a life.

    • get a senior that only has a couple years… you are a senior, get a senior dog. they NEED homes for their golden years….

    • Please consider adopting a senior pet! They get passed over so often in the shelters and they need the comfort so much more on their old bones!!! I adopted a Shepard at 12 and it is coming on two years – healthy as a horse even though he is slow to get up and down.

    • you could adopt an older pet. There is such a need for dogs after 8 yrs old. A lot of shelters will even discount when a senior adopts a senior. Think about it!

    • There are older dogs available for adoption who have lost their owner and would love to spend their final months or years with a loving person.

    • Hello. I think youshould get this dog, give hime all the love and attention he missed out on,other than the shelter.I am 80 when I was 74 I had gotten an 12 wk old pup from the shelter, who was going to be put down. I still have him. he’s my freind,protector,and my child. He became hardly hearing latly, learned him hand signs.responded very well. You need this dog. Go get him.


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