She Was So Terrified She Had To Be Dragged Into The Shelter on a Rope. Now She Will Find A Loving Home.

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The video of a terrified Maya spread through the internet like wildfire.


Maya was surrendered to a Texas shelter last week. Her family dragged her in on a rope and at one point she was so terrified that one of her former family members had to pick her up and carry her inside.

The moment was captured on a video that went viral on the Internet, changing the course of Maya’s life for the better.


One of the people who saw it was Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock in New York.

“We were moved,” Silverstein told The Dodo. “We immediately contacted the shelter.”

Now, Maya is healing up at the Aldine Animal Hospital in Houston, Texas, being treated for heartworm and getting all the vaccines and procedures she’ll need to head to New York and find a forever home.

Vet tech Ashley West told The Dodo that Maya still seems “very scared.”

It’s a solid indicator that her first two years of life have not been wholly kind, but the staff at Aldine is trying to make up for it — showing Maya tons of love. In return, she is beginning to come around.

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These days Maya is getting the love she needs to regain her trust of humans. Photo: Aldine Animal Hospital


“She’ll let you pet her and love on her,” West says. “She’s a good girl.”

The dog on a rope is even beginning to learn to leash-walk. At first, she’d stand still; she’d have to be carried. Now, says West, “she’ll follow you. She’ll walk.”

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Maya learns that leashes aren’t so bad. Photo: Aldine Animal Hospital


Rescue Dogs Rock is now accepting adoption applications for Maya. You can apply here.

“Believe me, Maya will be a very spoiled princess going forward,” says Silverstein. “Healthy, happy and at peace.”

You can see more adoptable dogs or donate to Rescue Dogs Rock here.