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Shelter Is Hosting a Senior Dog Prom to Help Raise Awareness of Elderly Dogs Needing Forever Families

by Fred

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The senior prom is supposed to be one of the nights that you’re supposed to remember for the rest of your life.  Well, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control is taking that idea to the next level.  They’ll be holding a senior prom – not for high school students, but for the senior dogs they have available for adoption at their facility.

This Saturday, July 15th 2017 is when the party is happening.  According to the shelter the event will feature all of the dogs they have that are seven years old or older.  They also want to make it very clear that this is not going to be just another clear the shelter event.


prom dogs1


“We’re not really looking at it as an adoption event,” said Melissa Gable, an Animal Care and Control spokeswoman.  “But if nothing else, we can bring attention to the fact that there are some really good dogs in the shelter that are often overlooked because they’re not puppies.”

The theme for this prom is going to be “Happily Ever After,” and they expect to have at very least 20 dogs attending the even with their “dates,” otherwise known as shelter staff.  The dogs will be dressed in divine attire, and of course refreshments will be served for all in attendance.


prom dogs3


The event will be held on Saturday July 15th from six to eight pm, and will be held at the 2500 South 27th Ave location.  To see their Facebook page, click here.  To see their Facebook page, click here.

“I hope that there’s people out there that are willing to give them a chance,” said Gable.  “Because they are good dogs.”


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