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Shelter Issues Special Request to Find Home for Dog Stricken With Cancer

by Fred

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The Humane Society of Hamilton County in Indiana is putting out a special request for the New Year.  One of their dogs called Autumn has terminal cancer, and they are seeking a comfortable and loving forever home for her.  Her time is short, and it’s just so unfair that she may have to spend her final days stuck in a shelter.  Won’t someone show her real, home comfort in her final days?

Let’s see what the shelter says about Autumn:


Autumn is an 8 year old, spayed German Shepherd who came to us along with 20 other GSD’s a few weeks ago from a breeder in Hamilton County.  She had mammary tumors that needed to be removed, and we’ve done this.  But, our hearts ache to share she has cancer.  This kind, meager, beautiful dog has limited time.  We don’t know how long Autumn will be able to share her love with someone, but we do know time is of the essence–and right now, Autumn isn’t suffering.  She has an opportunity to live the last months of her life knowing the kindness and love of a forever home.

Autumn is well-tempered and would do best in a more quiet home.  She hasn’t had issues with other dogs as she has been surrounded by them her entire life–however, she’s past the point of rough play.  Autumn has lived in an outdoor kennel her entire life.  Therefore, we cannot say she’s house-trained.  What we do know is she is incredibly intelligent.

So, our New Year’s Eve request is for a very special person with a very special heart to come forward and give Autumn a place to finally call home in 2017.  It’s a lot to ask, but we think Autumn deserves this.

If you’re interested in adopting Autumn, please visit us today!  We are open until 5pm. You may also submit an application online at:

For questions on Autumn, please email [email protected].