Shelter Worker Gets into Kennel to Comfort Terrified Abandoned Dog

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7.17.16 - shelter worker comforts dog


Many of us do not know just how lucky we are NOT to be a dog sometimes, especially if you wind up in a situation like poor Prissy’s.  She was abandoned and friendless in the world, but was thankfully rescued and brought to the Conway Area Humane Society in New Hampshire.  However, that’s not where the scariness of being an abandoned dog ends most of the time.

Being rescued is great, but now Prissy is in a completely unfamiliar space, surrounded by sounds and smells she’s not at all accustomed to.  Couple that with having undergone surgery to be spayed, and one could hardly fault her for being utterly terrified.

When shelter manager Debra Cameron came over to Prissy’s kennel to check up on her, what she saw was something totally unexpected.  There, in the kennel and curled up with Prissy was Chrissy Ireland, one of Cameron’s colleagues, doing her best to comfort the frightened dog.  Providing that much needed human compassion and kind touch, in the hopes that it makes things even slightly more bearable.

“We offer a safe, loving environment,” Cameron said in an interview with The Dodo.  “So many animal lovers are stuck on the idea that all shelters are sad places and that anyone who surrenders an animal has done an awful thing, but that is far from the truth for many wonderful shelters throughout the country.  They are staffed by experienced, caring, compassionate people who go above and beyond to make sure the animals in their care lived enriched, happy, healthy lives in the shelter until a new home can be found.”

WARNING!  The video is SO full of feels the writer of this article could barely compose himself while writing it.  You have been warned!  😉  If you’d like to see the shelter’s Facebook page, click here.