Sheridan the Beloved Dog Battling Bone Cancer

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For pet owners, knowing their pet is terminally ill is devastating. Morgan McMillan and Zach, veterinarian students at St. George’s University in Grenada, are making the best out of their dog’s terminally ill diagnosis and ensuring their beloved pet named Sheridan, gets to live the remainder of his days healthy, active and happy.

Sheridan. Photo Credit: Morgan McMillan
Sheridan. Photo Credit: Morgan McMillan

Sheridan and his owners are originally from Indiana, but right now they  live in Grenada while the pet owners finish veterinary school.

In July 2014, the dog was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Since the diagnosis,  Zach and Morgan are trying to keep Sheridan alive as long as possible and while the dog is still able to enjoy a high-quality of life.

The dog owners know they won’t be able to save Sheridan’s life, but they at least want to try.

In order to slow down the spread of bone cancer, Sheridan’s front right limb was amputated and he is undergoing six rounds of chemotherapy. The average time a dog with osteosarcoma lives after amputation and chemotherapy is eight months to a year. Zach and Morgan hope Sheridan can enjoy this time.

After losing his limb, the pet re-learned how to walk and master all his obedience training again. Sheridan and his owners don’t know for sure how much time the dog has left, but for now the dog is happy and enjoying each day.

Sheridan after his amputation. Photo Credit: Morgan McMillan
Sheridan after his amputation. Photo Credit: Morgan McMillan

“Already under the heavy burden of student loan debt, we are asking for any donations to help cover the costs of Sheridan’s diagnosis, biopsies, amputation, six rounds of chemotherapy, and pain management,” said the pet owners. “Any funds raised over Sheridan’s expenses will be donated to Bone Cancer Dogs, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to exclusively fund research for canine bone cancer, and to promote awareness and education about the disease.”

If you would like to donate, go here.

Watch this video and see Sheridan’s amazing journey.