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Sheriff’s Deputy Leaps into Frozen Pond to Save Unconscious Dog

by Melanie

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2.18.16 - Sheriff’s Deputy Jumps into Frozen Pond to Save Unconscious Dog1


A golden retriever named Cinnamon wandered onto a frozen pond in Golden, Colorado and quickly became submerged.  Thankfully, a sheriff’s deputy was around to see what had happened, and jumped into the water and saved her life.

Deputy Billy Brooks saw the dog struggling to stay afloat in the icy pond.  He grabbed a rescue rope and had a passerby hold the other end.  He secured the rope around himself and broke his way through the ice.  Cinnamon was already under the water.

Brooks got himself to the spot where he had last seen Cinnamon, and found himself chest deep in the frigid water.  He held onto a large chunk of ice, and reached around under the water to find her.

“Brooks cradled her lifeless body in his arms making his way back to shore,” Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office posted on their Facebook page.  “Brooks covered her in blankets and raced her to a local vet clinic.”

Cinnamon’s body temperature had dropped to a critically low level, but Lone Rock Veterinary Hospital revived her.

“If not for Brooks’ kindness, and his quick, selfless actions Cinnamon would not have been reunited with her family,” the Sheriff’s Office said.