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She’s A Victim of Backyard Breeder Abuse…& She Needs A Special Home

by Amy Drew

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Puppy mills are horrible places. Rescues and other animal welfare professionals and volunteers work hard every day to save the victims of these greed-based operations. Many purebred pets come through shelter doors, left homeless due to chronic illnesses, disabilities and deformities caused by unsanitary conditions and abusive breeding practices of unlicensed individuals.

Back in September, California’s Helen Woodward Animal Center took possession of four such innocents. The German Shepherd pups, all female, ranged in age from 4 to 6 months, were pulled from a deplorable East Los Angeles backyard breeder and transferred to the Center by a rescue partner based in the area.

All pf them arrived with signs of the difficult lives they had already endured. None had been spayed or vaccinated, one was suffering a serious eye-infection, another – potential hip dysplasia. Each was dealing with an extreme GI infection. But what touched Center staff the most, was how little the puppies’ personalities were affected by their illnesses.

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Rescue staffers are seeking a very special home for Rolanda, whose earlier neglect may have some lasting repercussions. Photo: Helen Woodward Center


“They were so eager to trust us,” stated Helen Woodward Animal Center Adoptions Services Manager Amy Barnes. “Animals don’t feel sorry for themselves and they continually demonstrate their beautiful capacity to forgive and to love with their whole hearts.”

Though their health problems were many, by October, three of the four (Romilde, Rosa and Renata) were in good shape and happily went off to their forever homes. For one puppy named Rolanda, however, the damage done may have longer lasting repercussions.

Though her sisters’ treatments had proved successful over the weeks, Rolanda continued to struggle. Over time, the veterinary team felt forced to confirm that the neglect Rolanda endured as a youngster could very well result in health challenges throughout her life.

Rolanda’s current diagnosis includes the coronavirus (the most common symptom is diarrhea) which may or may not go away over time, a Cobalamin deficiency (Vitamin B deficiency) which may require injections for life, and GI/intestine sensitivity which may require medication and a veterinary diet for life.

“We are looking for a compassionate adopter who is willing to demonstrate true love to a dog that did nothing to deserve the struggles she is currently living with,” stated Barnes. “She is a wonderful puppy and we want her to get the happy ending her sisters experienced. Her illnesses may or may not go away but for now, the ideal family should be comfortable providing her daily medication and a special diet. Other than that, she is a loving, happy girl ready to take on the world.”

Rolanda is currently available for adoption. Do you think yours might be the special home this cutie needs? For more information or to adopt her, please contact the Adoptions Department at: 858-756-4117 ext. 1, visit their website, or stop by at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe.