Shocking Facebook Picture Leads to Animal Cruelty Arrests

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A mother and son from New Mexico were arrested Sunday after a concerned citizen reported a horrifying picture the two took of their puppy. The picture shows the mother holding up a Ziploc freezer bag with the puppy inside it.

Mary Snell, 44, and her son James Engel, 21, of Albuquerque, New Mexico posted a picture of their 8-week-old Chihuahua puppy Baby on Facebook. The picture shows Snell holding up an open Ziploc freezer bag with Baby inside.

Someone who saw the Facebook post contacted the police. Both Snell and Engel were arrested and are facing felony animal cruelty charges for the photo. Although the bag was open, the way the puppy was positioned she could have easily suffocated.


“When we talked to Animal Care Services, it’s basically the same thing as an infant,” said Sgt. Aaron Williamson. “The young puppy doesn’t have the ability to move its head to get to a fresh supply of oxygen. The way it was positioned in the bag, they said it would’ve only taken a few seconds to cause the puppy to suffocate.”

Snell was allegedly trying to take a picture of Baby to show how small she was. When Baby wouldn’t hold still Snell used the freezer bag.

The puppy is doing fine despite the ordeal. She has been checked out of Animal Care Services and is being cared for by another family member.



50 thoughts on “Shocking Facebook Picture Leads to Animal Cruelty Arrests”

  1. I live in knoxville and a sweet young lady was killed like that maybe we should remind this jokester,look us shannon Cry

    • i know that it wasn’t the brightest decision but lets look at the facts

      1. the lady clearly had the bag open so the dog could breathe
      2. she did state that she was doing it show off the size of the dog and probably thought it was cute, being as the intent for the photo was to show how small and cute her puppy was
      3. she was smiling, like she thought it was fun and cute
      4. They put it on face book, now i’m sorry but looking at all the facts I believe the woman made an honest mistake and should not get any jail time because obviously if she wanted to put the dog in the freezer she wouldn’t have left the bag open, or posted pics of it in such a public place

      5. has ANYONE figured out yet that OBVIOUSLY! the person who called the police did it wayyyy after the pic was taken and that, the family did OBVIOUSLY! take the dog out of the bag RIGHT AWAY! I mean a VETRINARIAN looked at the dog AFTER the police got there, made the arrests, ect… and the dog was fine

      but not only that, these people had to have time to not only take the pic but, look at it and post it on face book, then someone had to see it, take time to call the police and then have the police show up, make the arrest ect…

      AND a VET said the dog was fine…. this means the people obviously had no intentions on hurting the dog and made a simple mistake of how they took the pic but it also means they weren’t stupid enough to leave their dog in the bag and the lady is prob telling the truth and never even thought of it the way it is being out there now

      please pray for this poor family as we have all made stupid mistakes and most of us don’t go to jail for it plus I belive she did something stupid but in a completely innocent way… may THE LORD GOD have MERCY on ALL of us not just the one WE THINK deserve it. EVERYONE NEEDS MERCY!

      • Anonymous you Moron! There are laws against Animal Cruelty and you have the nerve to even try to analyse and make it sound like it’s okay you Stupid IDIOT! I wouldn’t doubt you torture animals so it’s okay??? What if somebody found a big enough zip lock bag and put you in it…then try and say people make mistakes and then say everyone needs mercy? You must be one of those leftest liberals that voted for obama and praise him. Oh maybe your’e an illegal alien Jhiadist or from Mexico that torture animals and people. Go back under whatever rock you came out from under and hopefully God will forgive YOU!!!

      • Would you be saying the same thing if it were a human baby?? Now don’t start saying ” well that’s different” cause it isn’t!! That puppy has a beating heart and feels stress and pain just like humans. So get off your soap box. What was done was WRONG!! Bottom line……….. that’s all I have to say about that!

      • I agree with you! She didn’t hut the puppy and I’m sure she didn’t think it was criminal or she would never have posted the picture on social media!! Sad how people are so quick to point a finger when I’m sure we have all broke the law in some way! Q

      • Some kids in New Orleans hacked a pet goat to death with a Samauri sword and were smiling, laughing, as they posted it on social media.

      • Dear Anon, I think even the Lord would take a pretty dim view of the stupidity of putting a live puppy into a Ziploc bag, whether the top of the bag was open or not. Is that what Jesus would do? So interesting that you don’t have enough cojones to sign your real name to your comment.

      • Dear Anon, I think even the Lord would take a pretty dim view of someone putting a live puppy in a Ziploc bag even if the top of the bag was open. So interesting that you don’t have enough cojones to sign your real name to your comment.

  2. Another family member????? Really?
    Hope stupid doesn’t run in there “family”!
    How can people be so stupid and cruel!?!

    • How can you call anybody stupid when you can’t even speak correctly, it’s “their” not “there”

      • All to many times sadistic people take all sorts of stupid evil pics of dead animals while smiling at the same time. Was it obvious that the bag was open, NO, was it obvious that the puppy wasn’t alive, NO, so calm down. The person who called, absolutely did the right thing! Any time we see something strange or acts taking place that are against the law, we have the responsibility to call the authorities and have it checked out. Really, she couldn’t have just held the little one in her arms to show how small it was?? And, the fact that she chose to put the puppy IN A PLASTIC BAG makes me think of what else she would’ve done wrong that could possible kill the puppy next time. She has a son, I’m sure she knows the harmful affects of someone or something being enclosed in a plastic bag would have on their lives. Come on, really?? Common sense people, please.


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