Siberian Husky Plagued by Dangerous Dog Label 8 Years After Duck Chasing Incident

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Eight years ago, a Siberian Husky in Texas chased a duck into a pond. A neighbor complained to the city of Plano, and to this day Sasha continues to live under court imposed restrictions reserved for truly dangerous dogs. Owner Chris Dunne is frustrated, and intends to file a lawsuit against the city to clear Saha’s name and have the dangerous label discarded.

Dunne says his dog poses no danger, and he’s complied with the city’s extra requirements, which include the posting of signs at his house warning of a dangerous dog. “They know the dog’s not dangerous, she was caught chasing a duck.” Sasha greeted a stranger at her house Wednesday with gentle sniffs and kisses. But the circular, orange tag on her collar labels her as dangerous and requires an immediate call to 911 call if she is found loose. She’s one of only seven dogs in Plano deemed dangerous by the city. Dunne says he still can’t believe it. “It’s a gross injustice.”

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16 thoughts on “Siberian Husky Plagued by Dangerous Dog Label 8 Years After Duck Chasing Incident”

  1. OMD – is that Dakota’s sister??? What an unbelievable resemblance!!! And truly a gross injustice. We sure hope the owner is able to get that stupid order rescinded – absolutely ridiculous.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Let us know when you need virtual signatures for the petition to take that label off of that sweet doggy! I’ll definitely sign!

  3. Ridiculous! The “law” has a very long memory. Several years ago, my lab mix, Spirit peed at the very edge of a “neighbors” (Iwe live on 10 acres) yard. I got a warning from animal control and thought that was the end of it. I never heard any more about it but 2 1/2 years later the sheriffs department showed up at my door and arrested me! (By then, Spirit had crossed the Rainbow Bridge) I spent 8 hours being processed through the system until my husband “bailed” me out. Turns out the neighbor pushed it and I was supposed to have gone to court but I NEVER got notice of it. Our tax dollars at work!

  4. This is insane. Chasing a duck is what any dog would do. I would sign a virtual petition also.
    Have you tried calling News in your area and having them air a story?

  5. Ok, first it’s Mimi in Ft. Worth and now it’s Sasha in Plano. Is every official in Texas a moron! Why I believe that is a yes, madam. Moral is, don’t settle in Texas if you have a dog or they will label it dangerous. And by the way, I guess that means that every bird dog, pointer, spaniel, retriever, etc. will now be listed as vicious dogs for their uncontrollable urge to chase ducks. Idiots!!!!!!


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