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Sick Stray Dog Millie Is Rescued by Animal Aid Unlimited

by Fred

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Poor Millie was a very sick dog, and being a stray meant getting medical attention was going to be difficult.  With no other options, Millie laid down in a grassy spot on the side of a road.  Maybe she hoped that some kind passerby would see her and help, and thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited, Millie got the help she needed.


Animal Aid Unlimited is a name that many of our regular readers would probably know.  They’re based out of India, and they do a lot of really amazing work with the really huge stray dog population there.  As soon as they found out about Millie and how badly she needed rescue, they sprang into action, doing what they do best.


When they arrived to get her, it was raining pretty heavily, and the look on Millie’s face was one of pain, and helplessness.  The rescue team covered her with a blanket, and brought her into the nearest animal hospital for treatment straight away.


At the hospital, it was discovered that Millie was suffering from pyrometra.  That is a really nasty infection of the uterus, and if left untreated will absolutely result in death for the dog every time.  It was a good thing that Animal Aid United got to Millie when they did.  Any later, and poor Millie might have been past the point of treatment.


The animal hospital got to work on Millie right away, removing her infected uterus.  According to the doctors, her uterus was so inflamed it was five times the size it should have been.  The very next day after surgery, Millie was up and about and seemed to be feeling loads better.  It still took several weeks for the infection to completely clear her body, but she did make a full recovery.


If Animal Aid Unlimited had gotten to Millie even just a short while later, it really may have been a different ending for Millie’s story.  Thanks to them, and the wonderful medical staff, Millie has another shot at a happy and healthy life.


To see more information or really great rescue stories, check out Animal Aid Unlimited’s Facebook page by clicking here, or their homepage by clicking here.