Six-year-old Gives up Birthday Presents to Help Shelter Animals

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If this doesn’t look like your average birthday party, it shouldn’t: Logan Brown is not your average six-year-old. Instead of asking for gifts, the Moss Point, MS youth requested that guests of his party donate food for shelter animals.

His mother suggested the idea to Logan after noticing that many of his toys were collecting dust in storage bins. “He’s got more toys than probably anybody and he doesn’t play with half of them,” said Theresa Brown.

Logan embraced the idea and ran with it. “We figured he’ll help the less fortunate because they need help feeding these dogs and cats. He decided that’s what he would do,” said Brown.

Thanks to that decision, a few more animals in need won’t want for their next meal, and Theresa Brown says that Logan is so happy about the outcome that he’s not concerned with the fact that he has no gifts to unwrap: she says he’s overjoyed now that he’s discovered the gift of giving.

34 thoughts on “Six-year-old Gives up Birthday Presents to Help Shelter Animals”

  1. GOD bless you Logan, believe me your gifts are coming to you later in life and I’m very certain they’ll be bigger and better!!! I’m sure he has great parents because it shows in him!

  2. Thank God there are still parents who teach their children how to love and not be so selfish and self involve. God Bless him, I love to hear these stories it brings a bit of light at the end of the tunnel after so much bad news with kids abusing and killing poor defenseless animals.

  3. If only all children were raised this way – WELL DONE mom and dad ~ and a big thank you Logan for being so selfless – keep up the good work!

  4. We need more stories like this. It’s really easy to start thinking all children are rotten animal abusers if you follow animal news. This boy gives us hope. When all of us come to the end of our lives, we need kids like this one to carry the torch for us.

  5. Wow, I hope Logan knows just how special he is….and that God is smiling down at him…that was a precious thing to do….thank you Logan……


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