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Sixteen Dogs Find Forever Homes After Being Rescued Last Minute from a High-Kill Shelter

by Fred

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Just minutes before the Humane Society Shelter in Bangor, Maine closed for the day on Tuesday, they only had one lone puppy left who had yet to be adopted.  Not to worry however, that puppy too found a great forever home, marking the end of an amazing campaign to save some dogs on death row from a high-kill shelter in the southern United States.

Ada Webb was the lucky person to adopt that final dog.  Webb had been in line there for quite some time waiting to adopt, hoping to be able to surprise her nine-year-old son with a new, four-legged furry family member.  She was all too happy to bring Hector home, but did say that he might be getting a bit of a name change.

“I’m hoping he’s going to flip right out,” said Webb.   “He has no idea that I’m even thinking about getting a dog.”

Little Hector seemed to be beside himself with joy to be going home with Webb.  He absolutely knew that he was about to have a good home with a loving family, and the appreciation is real here!  Just check him out covering Webb’s face in big, wet kisses.

He’s just adorable with his little floppy ears,” Webb said.  “I grew up with a beagle, I had a beagle for 15 years, and I think they make an awesome family dog.”

Hector, and fifteen other dogs that were adopted out of the Humane Society’s shelter almost didn’t get a happy ending.  All of them were on death row at an extremely overcrowded shelter in Mississippi.  The campaign was a joint effort between the Humane Society in Bangor, and the Southern Pines Animal Shelter out of Hattiesburg.

What’s really unique about this situation, is it wasn’t a one-time deal.  Anyone who showed up to the shelter to adopt but couldn’t have nothing to worry about, as the Mississippi shelter plans to send 60 to 80 dogs to Maine a month.  The relief effort will dramatically cut down on the number of dogs being killed because of a lack of space and resources, and that’s just great!