Sleepy Pit Bulls Want to Put a Smile on Your Face!

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Happiness is a warm pit bull.  There’s no doubt about it, they are some of the most adorable dogs around.  Some people think that they are mean and downright vicious, but those of us that know better disagree wholeheartedly.  We know about the love, the cuddles,the gigantic smiles, and the constant need to please their humans.  You’ll find few dogs more loyal, and they really do make an awesome family pet.  Remember, it’s not that the dog is violent and dangerous, but the idiot human that makes them be that way!


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles20


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles19


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles18


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles17


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles16


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles15


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles14


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles13


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles12


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles11


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles10


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles9


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles8


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles7


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles6


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles5


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles4


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles3


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles2


5.21.16 - Sleeping Pibbles1



5.21.16 - BSLNYfeat


2 thoughts on “Sleepy Pit Bulls Want to Put a Smile on Your Face!”

  1. Aw-w-w-w! These are so cute! I have a Pibble/Mastiff mix and she’s the most sweet-natured and loving creature I’ve ever known. If I’m sad or hurt, she comes and cuddles me. When I’m happy, she plays with me; she snuggles me at night. She gives sloppy kisses and pats me with her paw. She’s great with everyone she meets and with little kids, she just sits down and lets them hug her. She’s the best dog ever and I couldn’t love her more!
    It’s a shame people have such misunderstandings about Pit Bulls. They are not born bad. A good owner who treats them well and provides firm but gentle training will have a loyal and loving lifetime companion. Some people would be very surprised that they are only one of many breeds which are part of the Bully Breed Family. This includes Boxers, English Bulldogs, American Staffordshire Terriers (often mistaken for Pit Bulls) even Boston Terriers – all great dogs!


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