Slow Riding — Who Knew It Was A Thing?

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dog riding tortoise










It’s amusing, sometimes, when you are out cruising around the Internet what you might find.  Someone sends you a clip from a random video that give you a little chuckle and suddenly you have the urge to check out the entire song, movie, clip, what have you.

Then, there are times when you are told about something or just find a picture and do a search.  That, in itself, can prove interesting, depending on the topic, naturally, but once in a while you will find yourself immersed in the unexpected.  For example, who knew that dogs riding on tortoises or turtles was a thing?  Seems it is, given all the different videos that emerged when searched. To prove the point, here is a selection.

That was five years ago.  But two years ago, it seemed to be all the rage.




Just this year there have been several sightings of dogs riding tortoises.


Perhaps there is some unknown bond between dogs and turtles and tortoises to which we are not privy? Or a sporting event.  Or am epidemic. Whatever the case, there seems to be something to it, and that something we will probably never know.

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