Snack Attack

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Lola the Labradoodle has rather exotic tastes when it comes to chewing.  The Hutchinson family and their dog were recently featured on National Geo’s My Dog Ate What?  This is a fun watch, and some of the dogs featured are very lucky to still be with us.

I’ll throw my hat in the ring and add the following pic.

This very fine chair, and the matching ottoman were just too tasty to resist, and Sola is not known for her willpower.  My only regret is that I did not get a picture of the carcass. But the aftermath was impressive enough to illicit a few choice words from this dog lover.

I’d be willing to bet that one or more of you can top this story.  What’s the strangest/most expensive/most dangerous thing your dog has consumed?

16 thoughts on “Snack Attack”

  1. Such fine balance on the top of that beautiful chair – you gymnast, you, Sola. Meanwhile, Lola’s appetite is scary – makes me wonder what happened – how awful. And Sammie had a bad experience a little over a year ago with the GLOVE incident – those were some tense days for us. We learned a LOT, however, but just hate to figure things out at the expense of our dear Sam.
    Sammie and family

  2. I am a complete angel and never eat anything that I am not supposed to!
    “Stop lying Buddy!” says two-legger “Now you tell them the truth.”
    OK, if I have to. It seems that a couple years ago we were on a camping trip and the two-legger has a few funny cigarettes on the table and as soon as their backs were turned I ate them all. I slept for the entire day and made mom worry something fierce! but the dreams I had were fabulous! I also would jump the fence into the garden and eat all the tomatoes, carrots, peppers (habaneros peppers, Thai red peppers, jalapenos peppers (my favorite) sweet bells), lemons, pears, figs, crab apples, plums and black berries and the tobacco for the funny cigarettes. I love summer gardening!

    That does not compare to my friend Monkey Love (Black and Tan Dobie) from what my two-legger tells me she was a complete horror as a puppy. She has eaten the following 62 shoes, 23 bras (wire and all), 17 pairs of underwear, 2 cans of tuna fish (she chewed through the can to get the tuna), 1 couch, 3 decks of cards, 13 books (including two puppy training books), 1 coffee table, 1 dresser, 7 pillows, 3 king size comforters, two wolf resin figurines, 3 baseball caps, and numerous magazines.

    I told you I was an angel! 😉

  3. My mom had a boxer who ate a leather hassock during a thunderstorm and when she called home to activate the voice message to calm him, he ate the telephone. His name was Rowdy and he survived all of this.

  4. Well, Lucy has tasted everything under the sun and polished it off with a Pyrex measuring cup a month ago. You think eating glass was bad enough, we are now going to the VHUP/University of Penn for FOUR ROOT CANALS $$$$ because we have broken off too many teeth to count trying to eat her crate!

  5. My beautiful yellow labSorbet took the collar off of her sister Suki(black lab) and ate it. Mom got to help her “deliver” it a few days later. I had a little 13 pound pug years ago that ate half of a couch. Buth of these rotten critters survived.

  6. My Boxer, Holly, chews on lots of stuff, but the most amazing “delivery” was what was left of the rope chew toy. She’s been pretty good about sticking to toys since eating the contents of the trash bin, but biting off little bits of the rope toy, tiny thread by tiny thread, left a large wad of string in her system. She managed to “digest” it and had it Hank g from her butt (including doing the butt-scoot maneuver to try and “finish the job”). I had the task of coaxing the rest of the 2-1/2 FEET OF STRING and poop from her bowels. Poor baby didn’t seem too phased by it, but we certainly were!!!!

  7. While puppy-sitting my brother’s incorrigible hound, Charlie, I came home to find she’d consumed three books. The most notable of the three was written by our favorite Dog Whisperer: “Cesar’s Way”.

    While not the most amazing eat, it may be the most ironic.


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