Snow Greyhounds Take Flight

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This magical winter romp is a personal favorite that I’ve been patiently waiting to share. Now that the season is upon us, it’s time.

There is something so beautiful about watching these snow dancers open it up with nothing other than fun in mind. If you can get past the odd soundtrack you’ll understand why this was a big hit when shared on our fan page a year ago (when there were only a few thousand of us around to appreciate it), and why it needs to be enjoyed by a wider audience.

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21 thoughts on “Snow Greyhounds Take Flight”

  1. Tears of joy stain my face at seeing this video once again. There is NOTHING so beautiful as seeing such amazing athletes with so much grace. My poor old grey Moms are too arthritic and tired to run like that anymore. I miss seeing them enjoy the sense of flight.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! So beautiful! We have Corgis, which are pretty much the total opposite of Greys, so it’s really fun for me to see these beauties run. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll have our own version of “Mutt & Jeff”, with a Corgi and a Grey…now that would be funny – they wouldn’t even have to do anything!


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