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Snowy earns her way to adoption by saving lives


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Tonya Ostrander wanted a companion dog for her legally blind daughter, so she brought Snowy home from the Humane Society of Utah for a trial visit.  Chahela and Snowy hit it off immediately but what sealed the deal was Snowy saving their lives during her visit by alerting them to carbon monoxide in their home.

it was about 2:30 in the morning when Tonya and her daughter were awoken by Snowy’s persistent barking.  They both realized quickly that something was wrong as they both had similar symptoms of sickness.  A trip to the hospital revealed that they had carbon monoxide poisoning and if Snowy hadn’t woken them up it could have been fatal. “I know Snow saved our lives,” Ostrander said. “We probably would have never woken up if she hadn’t started barking to alert us that something was really wrong.”

The little 4 year old Chihuahua is a hero to them now, and her efforts paid off for her.  Ostrander was convinced that Snowy had to stay in their lives.  “After what she did for us we went on December 14 and adopted her permanently,” said Ostrander.  Snowy and Chahela became best friends immediately and Snowy sleeps with her every night.  “And there has just been an instant bond between the two of them,” said Ostrander.

Snowy had made her way to Utah after being rescued from a shelter in Los Angeles.  Now this Christmas  she will have a place to call home and family to love and protect.