Special Investigation: Pennsylvania’s Puppy Mills

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Our best friends are suffering for the sake of profit, and the state of Pennsylvania maintains its position as one of the countries’ largest suppliers of puppies for the retail trade.

A new, in-depth report by WHPT casts harsh light on the state’s puppy mill epidemic, and will likely leave you with the same question we’re asking: How can state officials continue to overlook a problem that has been so thoroughly, and publicly documented?

Warning: contains graphic content.


29 thoughts on “Special Investigation: Pennsylvania’s Puppy Mills”

  1. Those Pennsylvania puppy mill owners should be forced to live the way they treat their dogs. I hope that the legislator really gets them good and shuts down that horrible industry. Those people claim to be religious well I hope they remember there is a hell.

  2. These people are CONTRIBUTING to the pet overpopulation problem and in turn, countless pets are dying in our animal shelters. How, again, is this legal???


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