Special Report: K-9 Security Dogs at Home

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With increasing frequency, consumers from across the nation are choosing trained security dogs over other means of home protection.

With prices starting at around ten thousand dollars, these intelligent, loyal home defenders are not exactly affordable. But trained protection dogs go a step further than the average home security system: your ADT unit may make noise and call the police if there is a break in. But what if the bad guy is already in the house before police arrive?

CBS47’s Kathryn Herr visits with families who have recently purchased security dogs, and observes a demonstration of what happens when the bad guys come knocking.

1 thought on “Special Report: K-9 Security Dogs at Home”

  1. We a very big GSD (120 lbs.) and he did not get training as a guard dog but he is trained in obdience. He is however very protective and when I am by myself with him at home I feel so safe. GSDs are great dogs and we love the way that ours is great with our family and pets but if you are a stranger and especially if you are up to no good then Heaven help you because he is always ready to protect his home and loved one.


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