Starbucks in Washington Features “Dog of the Week” to Boost Local Adoptions

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Starbucks in the State of Washington has started a new program that’s all about dogs.  They feature a special, “Dog of the Week” drinking a “Puppuccino” and the whole idea is to hopefully spur more adoption in the area.

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Every Tuesday, a volunteer brings a dog from the Kitsap Humane Society to a local Starbucks for a specially made Puppuccino.  The dog also gets to hang around for a while and greet customers as they come in, and they are featured as available for adoption on the shelter’s website.

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In case you were wondering or maybe even worried, no they’re not actually giving coffee to dogs.  The specially made “brew” is actually just a cup of whipped cream.  What dog isn’t going to love that?  The dog is even photographed sipping their drink, and the photos have such a charm to them.

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This can take place at any number of Starbucks locations in Washington.  A poster of the dog that will be coming in for that day is even posted in the store a few days before, so people can come and met the dog for a possible adoption.

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If the program is successful, you may even see this going on at a location near you.  Stay with Life With Dogs for more details on any expansion the program may be doing in your town!

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