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Start Over Rover Saves More Than a Dozen Dogs from Puppy Mill

by Fred

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According to official reports, the rescue group Start Over Rover has pulled 16 dogs of various age from a puppy mill in northwest Kansas.  They were also assisted by Volunteers from an animal shelter in Hastings in this courageous rescue.

Right now, the dogs are in the evaluation stage.  Each dog will get a thorough medical work-up, and proper feeding and care.  Once this process is complete, they will start to be available for adoption.

The dogs range from 2 to 5 years of age, and consist of both males and females.

Anne Halbert with Start Over Rover says when they were presented with the information about the puppy mill, they knew they had to act, and fast.

“When we got those calls it’s because they are done with them.  So it’s pretty urgent when they say ‘if you want them come get them,’” she said.  “We go because a lot of times you get one opportunity to go and do this.”

Start Over Rover is attempting to place some of the dogs at other local shelters to assure everyone is getting solid, proper treatment and care.

The dogs will start to become available in about two weeks.  Also, an event called the Beastie Bonanza will be held on the 10th of July.  It’s an all-day adopt-a-thon backed by many local businesses, television and radio stations, and other shelters and rescues.  The goal for Start Over Rover is to adopt out 30 or more pets, and try to raise $15,000 for the shelter.

For more information on Start Over Rover or the upcoming adopt-a-thon, click here.  Their Facebook page can be viewed by clicking here.