Stay of Euthanasia Could Save Ace

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Stray dog Ace was discovered on November 4th, huddling in the corner of an Ace Hardware store in Detroit. The young pit bull was emaciated and terrified. He was eventually remanded to the custody of Detroit Animal Control.

A city ordinance allows animal control to put down any unlicensed animal within four days of being captured if an owner does not come forward, and those who caught wind of Ace’s plight expressed immediate concern for his safety. A Facebook page was started by supporters and has been gaining fans rapidly. All have been waiting and watching as a nebulous, stressful series of events have played out.

No reporters have been allowed to photograph the dog. Three people attempted to claim Ace today, and one woman who arrived at the shelter to claim him said that the dog they showed her is not the same Ace that she saw on TV. Tensions surrounding the dog and his future reached an all-time high earlier today when a spokesperson for Detroit Animal control said nothing could be done to save Ace.

To make matters worse, Ace was scheduled to be put down Friday, and many had questioned whether he had already been euthanized. That would appear not to be the case, because according to 7 Action News this evening Detroit Dog Rescue has announced that a judge has granted a stay on euthanasia for any pit bill resembling “Ace” until November 16th when a new hearing to decide Ace’s fate will be held.

Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh issued the following statement.

“It would be devastating to the good will of this City for the Mayor’s office to allow ACE to die when a reputable, state-approved rescue agency has told us that they will rehabilitate the dog and determine if it’s adoptable. My concern is the liability to the City, but this can be remedied by drafting a legal document relieving the City of its liability.

Another option is for the Mayor to temporarily suspend the City’s policy. My office is looking at how we can amend the City’s ordinance to allow dogs like ACE to live through a shelter-to-shelter exchange if we can have our liability removed.

The bigger picture is that this is not a battle we should be fighting right now given the more critical priorities we are faced with. In the meantime, the Mayor’s office should do whatever is necessary to keep ACE alive.”

Several organizations had volunteered to foster Ace while a home is found, but Detroit Animal Control has not been willing to turn the dog over.

9 thoughts on “Stay of Euthanasia Could Save Ace”

  1. Grrr…Bruce King = Jerk!
    How could they do that to the poor dog the same day?? He had no chance. They should be ashamed.
    RIP sweetie, you’re suffering is now over. Run free with your furry friends on Rainbow Bridge xx sniff sniff. Tears everywhere

  2. The head of animal control says he has the right to take the life of Ace.I would like to know WHO DIED AND MADE HIM GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I’m confused!? I thought the article stated that Ace WAS still alive and the mayor placed a stay until 16 Nov (which is next Wed) for ANY dog that even resembled Ace.

    Is Ace still alive? (I hope and pray that precious munchkin DOES find a wonderful, loving family IF he is STILL with us!! ) 🙁

  4. Animal Control put Ace to sleep (MURDERED HIM!) They said they didn’t get the court order. (YAH RIGHT!)

  5. WHAT???

    Argh!!! I would be banned from the internet if I shared my thoughts right now!!! #[email protected]*&%%&&[email protected]#^)*&^%%!

    Oh Ace, run freely with all your fellow fur-friends! <3

    And the shelter? They should not be allowed to EVER use the word "Shelter" in ANY way! The definition of shelter does not begin to describe this facility- I'm thinking something more on the level of Nazi death camps being a better match with this horrific building of #$%)(*^%##!

    I will now hug my 2 Yorkies and try some deep breathing–that animal killing excuse for a "shelter" has no doubt sent my blood pressure off the charts!! 🙁


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