Stolen Dog Missing for Eight Years Reunited with Family

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Rusty went missing eight years ago after thieves snatched him from his yard.

His devastated family spent months searching for their beloved Siberian Husky, hoping that someone would find him and scan the micro-chip embedded in the dog. As years passed, the family lost hope.

That changed with a very unexpected phone call on Tuesday. A shelter in Downey had found Rusty and identified him using the micro-chip. The overjoyed Pedroza family quickly brought Rusty home to Lynwood.

Back in the safety of his home, Rusty is enjoying a proper spoiling, collecting hugs and kisses at every opportunity, and inhaling treats. Raw footage below shows the Pedroza family greeting him and showering him with affection.

Thanks to a microchip, after nearly a decade of sadness, the Pedroza family is whole once again. Rusty is home for good.

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27 thoughts on “Stolen Dog Missing for Eight Years Reunited with Family”

  1. Thank you so much for posting these happy endings. It’s so sad that Rusty was gone for so long – but amazingly happy he is reunited with his family!

  2. good for Rusty and his family. I had a S.H stolen from me in 1992 and I know it can’t happen…but, I hope for his return.

  3. So happy they found their pet who had been missing for eight years. I just wish their pet wouldn’t have been gone so long. Such a happy reunion though. I am sure eveyrone is very happy.

  4. This is why ALL VETS should be LEGALLY REQUIRED to scan EVERY animal that comes into their hospital!!! If some vet had checked 8 years before this family would not have had to go through this anguish for so long!! I want to start a petition to change the law!!

  5. This is with out a doubt one of the most heartwarming stories I have ever read….I am so very happy for the family to have had this family member come back into there lives once again….it brings a tear to the eye to read such a wonderful story!!!!!!


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