Santa & Elf Fired for Turning Away Autistic Girl & Assistance Dog

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Two people, one working as a store Santa and the other as an elf, have been fired for turning away a little girl and her assistance dog.  They were employed at The Shops at Mission Viejo in California.  Apparently, the pair were afraid of the little girl’s assistance dog, which is a pit bull.

News of the firing was released on Pup-cake’s social media site.  Pup-cake was in line with seven-year-old that she assists with her daily life, Abcde Santos, for over 30 minutes on the day in question.  They were hoping to get a picture together with Santa and his Elf.

Even though the little girl, whom is Autistic, and her dog waited as long as they did for their photo opportunity, when they got to the front of the line, they were quickly asked to leave.  Apparently, this Santa has a fear of pit bulls.

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According to reports, even trying to take the dog out of line to just have the little girl go was no good either.  Santa still refused to take a picture with, or interact in any way with Abcde.  Even after the dog was removed.  The little girl was very understandably upset over things.

If there was anything good to come of this, the property group that owns “The Shops” acted very quickly.  The management team overseeing the whole store Santa operation immediately fired the pair for their actions, and so did the company supplying the Santa and Elf employees, Noerr.

In a comment posted to The Shops at Mission Viejo’s Facebook page on Monday, the Shops management team said, “We look forward to welcoming back the Santos family and Pup-Cake for a special Santa experience.”  Fans of the stores Facebook page lauded their quick action in the matter, posting many positive comments.

The Santos family works to educate the public about the American with Disabilities Act – the media release stated: “The Santos family’s goal is always equality education and their offer to provide American with disabilities act training still stands.”

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0 thoughts on “Santa & Elf Fired for Turning Away Autistic Girl & Assistance Dog”

    • Did you even read the article? The parents took the dog away and they still wouldn’t take their photo with the girl.

      • honey, being afraid of pits (which fyi is understandable but this one was dressed like a freaking redindeer with a child) is a form of discrimination. now, if the dude was just afraid of dogs he probably would not have lost his job but he didn’t say that he said he was afraid of pits. sucks 2 be racist lol you lose your job! as it should be.

  1. It’s a shame someone had to lose their job at Christmas time..but the employees should have either made their fear clear to their supervisor and went from there…it should not have been aired to the customer or.the store at large…I have worked in customer service my whole’s basic.rule

  2. Pit Bulls are not commonly used as service dogs so I can understand the confusion but that does not condone the actions. The organization that trained this dog should get involved to show the legitimacy of the dog.

  3. Qualified service dogs need to pass personality and other tests in order to be certified. If the dog has done so, then it’s not going to be a dangerous animal regardless of the breed.


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