Stray Dog Goes from Homeless, to Rescued, to Rescuer

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In Lima, Peru, a homeless dog found tied outside a home has joined the fire department in the Breña district. The once abandoned and unwanted dog has gone from homeless to rescued, and is now getting trained to become a service rescue dog.

Spartan.  Photo Credit: RPP/Jussy Pizarro
Spartan. Photo Credit: RPP/Jussy Pizarro

Breña’s firefigters found the tied dog and asked neighbors if the dog belonged to anyone. No one knew where this six-months-old pet had come from, and after hours of searching for the dog’s owners and coming back empty handed, the volunteer firefighters decided to take the dog back to their station.

The dog was named Spartan, in honor of the first truck the canine ever rode in. Once the pet arrived at the station, rescuers planned to keep him overnight and then resume the search for the dog’s owner, but little did the men know, Spartan was going to become their mascot, pet, and future coworker.

The homeless canine won over the firefighters’ hearts and the fire unit decided to adopt him. Spartan has already gone on some fire rescue calls and has shown excellent signs of a service dog. The unit has enrolled him in training classes and in three months he will graduate as a certified fire rescue dog.

Congratulations to Spartan! He is one lucky homeless dog.