Stray Dog Interrupts Soccer Game, Bites Player, and Could Get a Forever Home

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Most stray dogs get scooped off the streets and find forever homes after they are found injured and in great need. Some have such sweet demeanors that their forever homes are found when the pets win over the hearts of an animal lovers. Rarely do we hear anyone say that they want to offer a stray dog a forever home after the dog has bit them. Well, in Brazil, a soccer player decided to do just that after a stray dog interrupted their professional match and bit the player in mid game.

Dudu moving "Suarez" off the filed.
Dudu moving “Suarez” off the filed.


Dudu, plays for the São Paulo RS soccer team and when the dog walked into the field, 30 minutes before the end of the game, the São Paulo RS team was losing 2 to 1. Dudu picked up the dog and relocated him outside the field, but in the process the four-legged soccer hopeful bit the professional player.

After being bitten São Paulo scored two more goals, the victory one scored by Dudu himself.

The soccer player took to Twitter to say “that was a lucky bite.” In an interview following the game, Dudu told reporters the dog needs to be found.

“I’m going to find him somehow because we need him,” said Dudu.

The soccer player promised to adopt the pet and plans to name him “Suarez” after the Uruguyan soccer player who bit a Spanish player during a match in the 2014 World Cup.

We hope Suarez the stray dog is found and moves in with Dudu soon.