Stray Dog Leads Rescuers to Her Litter of Puppies

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When a stray found its way to the Langlade County Humane Society in Antigo, Wisconsin, shelter workers say they knew something was amiss.

starThat’s because it was obvious that the dog had been nursing puppies – but there was no sign of them. Fearing that the helpless youngsters would perish without their mother, LCHS staff took the dog for a drive and returned to the area where she was picked up.

Given the chance to return to her babies, ‘Star’ did not waste the opportunity, and led her rescuers around the corner of an area home to a shed where her puppies were found huddled together, crying for their mother. Mom and pups enjoyed a brief reunion before being collected and driven back to the humane society, where they will soon be available for adoption.

Star is a good mother, and you know she would want her puppies to go to loving homes. If you or anyone you know might be interested in providing one when the pups are available for adoption in a few weeks, please visit the Langlade County Humane Society at