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Stray Dog Makes Late Entry to 155-Mile Race and Ends Up With a New Human Dad

by Fred

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8.5.16 - Gobi2


This story begins in China’s largest desert, the Gobi.  During this summer’s Four Deserts Gobi March, which is a six-day foot race, a little homeless dog decided to start running alongside one of the men running a race, and by the time everything was all said and done, the little dog found a new home with a new dad.


8.5.16 - Gobi3


Dion Leonard was about 20 miles into the 155-mile race when this little dog he’d seen near the runner’s camp earlier that day trotted up next to him and became a running partner.  Leonard didn’t think too much of it at first, but little did he know this impromptu partnership would become so much more.


8.5.16 - GobiFEAT


“On Day 2, I was at the start line for the race stage and she was standing next to me looking up at me,” Leonard said to The Dodo.  “I thought to myself this little dog isn’t going to last very long at my side as we raced off, but she ended up running the whole day and 23 miles distance.”

Even after the race was over, this adorable little dog was still by Leonard’s side.  It was then that he knew he’d gained a new best friend.  She even ran the entire third day of the race right alongside Leonard, never seeming to tire.  He decided then that he would call her Gobi, because her heart is as big as the desert itself!


8.5.16 - Gobi5


“For a little dog Gobi certainly has a big heart and some pace to match,” said Leonard.  “Gobi picked me to be her pal for life, so I am doing what I can with some great support from around the word to make this happen.”