Stray Dog Suffers from Swollen Face Due to Embedded Collar

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On Monday Sept. 9, a stray dog was picked up from Parkside Boulevard near Dorr Street in Toledo, Ohio. The dog’s face has swollen and deformed the dog’s head due to an embedded collar that is preventing the dog’s lymph nodes from draining. Rescuers worked with veterinarians to remove the collar and the save dog’s life.

According to a wall post on Lucas County Dog Warden Facebook page,  “the embedded ‘collar’ was actually a coated wire tie out wrapped several times around and secured (by a human).”

The stray, a female, believed to be 5 or 6-years-old was taken to the Lucas County Dog Warden’s Office and named Princess P. The cut on the canine’s neck is very long and deep.


“We are consulting with Ohio State University (OSU) and have sent them photos of the wound,” Dog Warden Julie Lyle told Toledo Blade on Friday. “We expect to hear back from them tomorrow on whether they can help her there or will just advise us on her care here in-house.”

When Princess P. was picked up, many shelter workers didn’t think the dog would make it through the night, but to their surprise the dog has survive this ordeal.

Right now Princess P’s medical expenses are being covered by Cutie’s Fund, but the Lucas County Dog Warden hopes a rescue organization will step up and take Princess P. in once her injuries are more manageable. It would be best for the canine to recover from her wounds in the comfort of a loving foster home.

If you would like to make a donation to help Princess P and other animals in need visit Cutie’s Fund.


0 thoughts on “Stray Dog Suffers from Swollen Face Due to Embedded Collar”

  1. A damn good reason to never leave a collar on a puppy. Use a soft halter – at least that wouldn’t dig a hole in their neck.

    I hope this wasn’t done maliciously because if it was, there is a real son-of-a-bit*h out there somewhere. (yeah I know, there are lots of SOB’s out there – also thank the Goddess, lots and lots of angels)!

  2. Poor girl, I hope she survives and goes to a good home. No living creature deserves such pain,and I can’t believe anyone could be so stupid as to do this innocently and not realize something was wrong…whomever you are your scum.

  3. I am so happy she survived and hope she finds a wonderful home where she can be the pampered and loved Princess she deserves.

    People are stupid, cruel and have less concern for a living creature than they do for a cell phone or pair of shoes.
    We will probably never know the piece of crap that did this to her but I can only hope that karma will catch up and deliver a similar fate.

  4. For updates on Princess P and her progress, please visit our Facebook page ( Lucas County Dog Warden). Just to clarify – the “collar” embedded in her neck was actually a coated wire tie out wrapped several times around and secured (by a human); we don’t know who owned her, so cannot prosecute; and the tie out/collar was removed under anesthesia immediately upon her arrival at the LCDW (it is certainly NOT still in her neck!). Princess P is an adult dog (5-6 years old), but the wound is approximately five months in the making, so not a result of a puppy growing too large for a small collar as they mature. We have rescue options for Princess P when she is ready, but for now she will stay with us under the daily care of our veterinarian. Thanks everyone for your concern about this darling girl!


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