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Stray from Iowa Sent to Nepal as Search and Rescue Dog

by Fred

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By now, just about everybody has heard of the earthquake disaster in Nepal.  More than a week has passed now, and search and rescue teams are still struggling to reach some of the more remote areas and villages.

That’s where Ripley comes in.  Ripley was without a home of his own not that long ago.  He was found roaming the streets of Sioux City, Iowa until animal care professionals rescued him.

“He was a very high drive dog when he was down here, and he would jump a lot of you and he had so much energy that I think that’s why nobody would ever adopt.” said Gary Engel.  Gary is Ripley’s first trainer.

Gary decided to put that energy to good use.  He put Ripley through some tough training in an effort to get him ready for a job as a search and rescue dog.

“A lot of it is being able to stay sturdy on their feet.” said Gary.  “Have the consistency to stay focused.  To drive and do the task that they are suppose to.”

Gary is very proud of Ripley’s hard work.  He knows that not every dog can make it in this field.  Ripley seems to really have a sense of purpose.

“It is wonderful to see a dog that was running lose, picked up, trained.  And now, he’s rescuing people.” said Gary.