Stray Pit Bull Found Nursing Kitten On Roadside

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A vet tech working at the Mercy Animal Clinic in Garland, Texas came across a female pit bull that was hanging out on the side of a road.  After stopping for a closer inspection, the dog was found to be nursing a two-day-old kitten she had found.

There were no other animals in the immediate area, so the vet tech brought the pair back to the clinic for care.  In a post to their Facebook page, the Mercy Animal Clinic wrote, “The dog is sweet and loves the kitten, but her milk is drying up.  We are bottle feeding the kitten today and placing it in a home with a nursing mother cat tonight.”

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One of the doctors at the clinic, Doctor Hamlin, took the kitten home with him that night for bottle feeding. “Pitty,” as the dog was nicknamed, was not exactly happy about someone taking her kitty away from her.

When home, Doctor Hamlin posted to the Facebook page, “I brought the kitty home to bottle feed tonight, as I left, the pitbull starting howling.  I bet she’ll be happy to see her tomorrow.  Anybody want to adopt the two together?”

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To help Pitty feel better about the care and situation that the kitten is in, Doctor Hamlin brings the kitty back to the clinic.  Every morning, Pitty gets to spend some feeding and cleaning time with the kitten.  She’s very protective, but also very helpful.

No one really knows any of Pitty, or her adopted kitten’s back story.  How they came to be out on the streets, who was/were Pitty’s humans, and what happened to the kitten’s mother and other siblings are still a mystery to clinic staff.  One thing they know for certain, Pitty loves her kitty, and there is no separating the two.  Hopefully, they will find a loving forever home and family, together.

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  1. Unfortunately, the little kitten passed on about a week after she was found, probably from undeveloped kidneys. Pittie, the sweet mama dog, had now found a furever home.


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