Stray Pitty Looks After Two-Day-Old Kitten

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On March 18, 2015, a vet technician from Mercy Animal Clinic in Garland, Texas, found and odd couple on the side of a South Dallas road. It was a female Pit bull and a two-day old kitten. The Pit bull somehow found this orphan kitty and had been taking care of it.

The dog was lovingly named Pitty and she had been nursing the feline, however the staff at the clinic knew they had to help the surrogate mother and the kitten somehow.

“The dog is sweet and loves the kitten, but her milk is drying up,” posted Mercy Animal Clinic wrote on their Facebook page. “We are bottle feeding the kitten and placing it in a home with a nursing mother cat tonight.”

According to clinic staff, the heroic dog wasn’t too happy to be separated from her adopted baby. On the first night that the kitty went home with Dr. Hamlin, Pitty howled and as soon as they were reunited the following morning the surrogate mother kissed (licked) her kitty hello.

Mercy Animal Clinic hopes Pitty and the cat can go to a home together. Anyone interested in adopting the two can contact the animal hospital here.