Street Dog Finds Safe Place to Call Home…A Police Station!

by Katherine

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You would think Lola, a street dog from Lima, Peru, is just like the many other unwanted, neglected and forgotten strays in the country, but she isn’t. This homeless four-legged lady is extremely lucky. She was adopted by police officers and her home is a police station.

The Facebook page Liz Alert Papitas Peru posted an image of Lola with her owners outside the police station and the post has gone viral.

Photo credit: Liz Alert Papitas Peru
Photo credit: Liz Alert Papitas Peru

The picture shows that as the officers stand guard the dog is right there with them. Even though the former stray probably doesn’t mind working alongside her owners, she is not expected to do so. There is a pink bed and a bowl to one side of the building where Lola can rest while the men are on duty.

The post congratulated the officers for adopting the dog and giving her a better life.

“Today I witness how police officers offered a stray dog some food,” said the post. “It appears she used to be a stray but has been adopted by the officers. She has her own bowl, bed and leash. It is comforting to see there are police officers willing to help animals in need.”

Hoy al pasar por la Av España pude observar a policías de los exteriores de la DIRINCRI dando de comer a una perrita,…

Posted by Liz Alerta Patitas Perú on Thursday, February 11, 2016

This is not the first time law enforcement officers open the doors of their stations to street animals, we just hope cases such as these were more common every where.

Lola, congratulations on finding your loving and safe place to call home!