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Street Dog Trapped in a Barrel of Tar Is Saved!

by Melanie

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A street dog in India made a terrible decision when she sought shelter and climbed into an open drum of tar, and her body quickly became cemented to the sides.  Unable to obtain food or water, she was slowly dying in the heat.  But the heroes at Animal Aid Unlimited got to her in time – you won’t believe how good she looks now!

When the team arrived, they cut through the drum to assess the situation.  The tar had already begun drying and the dog was firmly adhered, so they took the whole firkin back to their rescue and recovery center.  They gave her water to drink as they poured vegetable oil all around to peel her away from the tar.


1.31.17 Street Dog Trapped in a Barrel of Tar Is Saved2


Once that was achieved, the crew had to get to work on removing the rest of the pitch from her fur.  But her skin was badly burned, and much of the hair had come away when the tar first made contact with her body, so they would need to be even more delicate.

The poor girl had been without water for so long that she happily guzzled down bowl after bowl during the painstaking, several hours-long process of removing the tar.  The team named her Asha, which means “hope.”


1.31.17 Street Dog Trapped in a Barrel of Tar Is Saved4


Now that she is no longer covered in hot, painful, smelly tar, Asha is full of smiles.  Though her skin and fur are still stained black, it’s easy to see how grateful she is to her heroes.

Animal Aid Unlimited saves as many animals as possible from terrible agony, but they cannot do it alone.  Please click here if you would like to help.


1.31.17 Street Dog Trapped in a Barrel of Tar Is Saved5