Stunning Transformation: Max the Shih Tzu’s Makeover!

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Ready for a gorgeous transformation?

Max, an older gentleman, is a shih tzu. Found as a stray on the streets of Anaheim, CA, his loving disposition and trust of people led his rescuers to believe he was either lost or abandoned by his family.

Orange County Animal Care brought Max to the shelter in the hopes that he’d be adopted, but since older animals are often overlooked, there was concern that Max — and others like him — wouldn’t find forever homes.

According to the folks at Pawsitive, Hollywood Grooming decided to help, donating four vans and five professional groomers to the cause. Including Max (whose stunning transformation you’ll see here) they made over 56 dogs that day. All of them have since been adopted. We’ve no doubt that their services were a big part of selling the charms of these lovely dogs.

Every dog deserves a second chance!

3 thoughts on “Stunning Transformation: Max the Shih Tzu’s Makeover!”

  1. We found an abandoned schitzu several years ago. He is the sweetest little guy ever. He was older when we found him. He’s just like a sweet ole grandpa and spoiled rotten. People should definitely give the older dogs a chance. They give unconditional love. All they want is food a few treats and a nice clean place to sleep. Besides they know they rule the house

  2. I have a shih tzu that looks almost exactly like this Max. My Shih Tzu is also named Max. My Max weighs 17 lbs and is also a rescue. Some one abandoned him in a shopping center parking lot where he almost got run over by cars. The Vet estimated his age at the time of rescue at about 2 years and he is now almost 5. He is the nicest, sweetest laid back dog you ever want to meet. He now holds two degrees, One degree is a therapy dog…. We visit our local hospital once a week to bring smiles to the patients faces. The nurses all love him also. His second degree as a service dog is Diabetic detection. Since I am a type II and don’t always eat right he is great in detection when my blood sugar is very low. He is so laid back that when the doorbell rings, he lifts his head and looks at me and says with that look, go answer it. Max went from a parking lot to a forever home and love between us is mutual.

  3. Our Shih Tzu, Peabody, who is now 12, was 5 years old when we rescued him. His living situation was pretty bad and he had to be knocked out to remove the knots in his hair that were so tight to the skin. He was traumatized when the rescuers tried to cut them out. He had no hair when we gave him his new forever home. We saw how beautiful he was and we love him more and more each day. Shih Tzu’s are the best in our book!


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