Sugar Ray Adoption Drawing Scheduled

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A boxer saved from the brink of starvation that rallied back to become an internet sensation will soon be going to his new home.

The Portage Animal Protective League says that of those who expressed an early and sincere interest in adopting Sugar Ray, 12 names were chosen to make formal application for adoption. Portage APL staff are now in the process of interviewing those who were chosen and making personal inspections of the properties where he might live.

At 12:00 noon on Thursday, July 21st a drawing to determine Sugar Ray’s new owner will be held at the APL Shelter. Shortly thereafter, the winner will be announced.

Stay tuned.

24 thoughts on “Sugar Ray Adoption Drawing Scheduled”

  1. omg, he looks so much better….I really hope he goes to a great home and gets all the lovin’ he deserves because I know he will give the new family all the boxer lovin’ and nub waggin’ he can give.

  2. The people selected for the adoption drawing were selected because they are suited to give this dog the amount of love he deserves. Do you think the dog cares about how he is adopted? No, as long as he is given love and care. Some of you people are just a tad too sensitive. First come, first serve obviously didn’t help him before.


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