Sunbear Squad Offers Door Hangers to Warn Neighbors of Danger to Dogs

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5.15.13 Sunbear


Have you ever seen a loose dog or cat in your neighborhood and wished you could give their human companions the message just how dangerous that is for the pets? Well now the Sunbear Squad ( is making it really easy to leave that message.  The “good Samaritan for pets” group is offering free downloads in both English and Spanish for door hangers explaining why it is so dangerous for animals to wander the streets. You can also download door hangers explaining the dangers of extreme weather to pets and other animal welfare topics.

The dangers may be obvious to many pet lovers but sometimes neighbors grew up in homes that were not as concerned as today’s pet lovers.  The dangers include harm from scared or bad human adults or youngsters, harm from other animals and being picked up and killed by local animal shelters. There are just so many dangers that dogs don’t have to face if kept at home.

The door hangers are in English, Spanish and (if you aren’t sure or there are both English and Spanish speakers in the home) hangers with both Spanish and English text.  They can be easily printed from the PDF files, cut and left on doors.

Other door hanger topics available include encouragements to give dogs more water, food and shade as well as notices that your dog needs a new dog house, medical attention, shade, a wind block, straw insulation, attention and the need to take pets with you during an emergency evacuation.

Sunbear Squad was founded after a dog named Sunbear was left by someone in an abandoned home. Sunbear was found but it was too late and the large dog died soon after being discovered. The animal welfare officer who found Sunbear tracked down the negligent human who left him there and prosecuted him. Sunbear Squad is determined to protect companion animals by transforming animal lovers into animal welfare defenders. To this end the group offers a variety of inspirational and practical tools on their web site. The group also offers information on how to start neighborhood pet watch groups to look for pets in distress or danger.