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Surrendered Dog Left at Shelter With Note From Heartbroken Child

by Amy Drew

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If there is a a shred of happy to this story, it’s that Rhino Lightning will likely find a stellar new home very quickly.

Rhino Lightning came to the Humane Society of Utah with a long, hand scribbled note by a kid heartbroken to give him up.

“I really hope he is in a good environment. I really miss him,” the child wrote in a spiral notebook that was given to the shelter when the family dropped off the boxer.

Rhino was adopted by the family about six months ago, but the family has several small children who would be knocked down when the playful dog got excited, Deann Shepherd of the Humane Society of Utah told BuzzFeed News.

“His full name is Rhino Lightning, then your last name. Please don’t rename him,” the child explains to Rhino’s future family. This was the first time the shelter has received first-hand request from a child who was losing a pet. “It’s really heartbreaking and cute to see the words in his perspective.”

The boxer loves to sleep under the blankets, cuddle, and run “around you” when he gets happy, according to the letter. “Don’t give him tennis balls,” he warns, because he will “rip those apart in one day.” Nerf balls are

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THAT FACE: Staffers at the shelter don’t think Rhino will be there very long. Photo: Humane Society of Utah


Rhino also doesn’t like water or snow, and isn’t too fond of cats, the instructions say.

Despite the sweet warnings, Shepherd says many families have already expressed interest in adopting Rhino. He is

Shepherd has no doubt the energetic dog will quickly find a home, as families are showing a lot of interest in him. He is “honestly just adorable,” she said.

She also implored people not to attack the family for giving their dog up for adoption, which is often a very difficult and painful decision. The dog deserves to be in “the best environment and in the perfect home for him,” she said.

The child asked the next family to make sure the dog remembers him: “Please tell Rhino that I love and miss him every night.”