BREAKING NEWS: China Has BANNED Dog Meat from the Yulin Festival!

“We hope this will have a domino effect, leading to the collapse of the dog meat trade… Yulin and the rest of the country are changing for the better.” <3

Franklin County Dog Shelter in Ohio Has Multiple Confirmed Parvo Cases and Needs Our Help

The Franklin County Dog Shelter in Columbus, Ohio has had a parvo outbreak, and we’re trying to help them out by getting some dogs adopted.

Homeless Vet and His Dog Bike Across the US and Back for Other Homeless Vets and Their Pets

“I can do this and I can show people veterans will stay on the street instead of parting with their animals,” said Palmquist.

PLEASE HELP!!! Hundreds of People Passed this Poor Dog by on the Street and He NEEDS Our Help

Please help us share and spread Bobby’s story. He was overlooked by so many people, and barely clings to life. Without us, he may not make it!