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Tala loves kids, cats, dogs … and the idea of a forever family. Let’s find her one!

by Amy Drew

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Sweet Grandma Tala arrived at Frederick County Animal Control as a stray and was never reclaimed.

Though she quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite, it quickly became apparent that confinement does not suit Tala.

Left in her kennel, she would panic, trying desperately to escape. She broke three canine teeth this way. As a short-term solution, staff kept her with them in their offices or at the front desk, greeting visitors. And seriously – watch the below video to hear more about her and see how sweet she really is!

Then Amy, a foster care provider, stepped up to take Tala in. Amy has found ways to keep Tala from hurting herself (or Amy’s home) when left alone in the house.

In her foster home, Tala has proven herself to be wonderful with both children and cats. Tala also has found a new friend in the family’s puppy, who plays with her every morning.

Gramma Tala 2

Thanks to the Grey Muzzle Organization, Frederick Friends of Our County Animal Shelter has been able to cover most of Tala’s medical needs. First and forement, she needed her three broken canine teeth extracted. Second, Tala has some of the health concerns that older dogs often develop. Most notably, she’s had a number of tumors removed.

Gramma Tala

Tala’s foster family loves her very much. In fact, Tala sleeps every night with their older daughter. Though they wish they could adopt her themselves, they have found that Tala is a little too interested in their goats and chickens. But this active senior girl is happy and loved while she waits for her forever family to come along and fall in love with her.