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Tallulah’s Holiday Wish Is to End Her Five-Year Stay at a Texas Shelter

by Fred

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Tallulah has been in a shelter in Dickinson, Texas for FIVE YEARS now, and really only has one wish from Santa this Christmas.  All this cutie wants is to finally find that forever family that will take her in, love her, and make sure she’s safe and happy for the rest of her days.  Could Tallulah the dog of your dreams who would make your family just a little bit more whole?

Tallulah’s story was posted to Facebook by The Forgotten Pet Advocates.  Five years is a VERY long time for a dog to have to be in a shelter.  It’s not that the wonderful staff there doesn’t treat her with every bit of love and care that they possibly can; actually it’s quite the contrary.



It’s just that the longer a dog like her sits at a shelter, the harder it will be down the road to adopt.  According to statistics, most dogs that have black fur are difficult enough to find homes for in the first place.  However, she is getting older and she is a bully-breed.  The combination of factors make things even tougher.

Tallulah is described as a total sweetheart.  Regardless of the fact that she’s really has NEVER had a family to love or take care of her, she is so full of love and absolutely MUST give it away to anyone that would take it.

Here is what was posted to Facebook:



So, could Tallulah be the dog of your dreams?  The addition to your family that would make things feel a little more complete?  If you want more information, be sure to click here to go to the rescue shelter’s website, or click here to go to their Facebook page.  Please consider adopting Tallulah if you are looking to adopt a dog this holiday season, and help to make a beautiful girl’s Christmas dreams come true.