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Tampa Family Whose Child Is Battling Cancer Reunited With Missing Pit Bull

by Amy Drew

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The Whartons had been trying to find their dog for more than a week when luck stepped in and they were reunited.

The Tampa, FL, residents had been out of town attending an inline skating competition with their children — their daughter competes — when their three dogs escaped from grandma’s yard. Two were re-wrangled, but Nannah got away.

It was a tough blow for the family, whose youngest son, Bentley, has been battling a rare form of eye cancer.

“Nannah was missing, so we worried,” 8-year-old Ariana told WTSP.

The family had been heartbroken without their 9-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier. They have had her since she was a puppy.

“She always was good and kind, and she always licked,” said 6-year-old Brody.

“We drove the streets. We called for her. I started posting on Facebook, every little website that I could find. Just knowing she’s not here, it’s like a piece of us is missing,” saiud the kids’ mother, Ashley Wharton.

Like their determined fight against cancer, the family wasn’t giving up on finding Nannah and decided to drive the neighborhood yet again.

“We drove past a house and luckily it had a chain-link fence and I saw her as plain as day. I said her name, she started barking, and she was really excited. I knocked on the door and said, ‘Excuse me you have our dog, Nannah, in your backyard and we’ve been searching for her.’ She’s nothing but a big bundle of love. We’re happy to have her home. We will sleep much easier knowing she’s here with us,” says Wharton.

The family had Nannah says she followed them and their pit bulls home from the park. Since she recently had a bath, she wasn’t wearing a collar. They took good care of her and had been trying to track down the heartbroken owners.