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Teddy’s Great Adventure: Lost Dog Found 1100 Miles from Home


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Terrier mix Teddy is less than a year old, and he’s done and seen more in that year than most dogs will in a lifetime.

Of course, the runaway managed to stress out his owners in the process when he disappeared just before Christmas. Imagine their relief when he finally turned up this week – over 1100 miles away from his Diamondhead, Mississippi home. How the young pup managed to cross a portion of his home state, Louisiana, or the giant state of Texas, only to be found in Las Cruces, New Mexico remains a mystery.

His family suspected theft. “I think someone took him for a Christmas present,” said Caroline Murphy in an interview with the Silver City Sun-News. “We called every shelter in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. We put up fliers that said ‘all we want for Christmas is our puppy back.'”

Despite the fact that he was only with the Murphy family for a short while, Caroline says they grew attached quickly. “That was our baby,” Caroline said. “We’ve had a lot of dogs, but we’ve never loved one more than this one. He’s a happy little guy.”

Luckily, Teddy’s family had managed to have their dog microchipped prior to his departure. After a quick scan his family got the call they had been waiting for. Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley assistant director Curtis Herring is a believer, and stresses the importance of microchipping.

“We just want to prove to people in the community that microchipping works. It will reunite you with your pet. So get out there and microchip your pet,” he said.

Teddy’s family is making arrangements for his flight home while he undergoes a thorough exam and observation to make sure he’s in top shape for the trip. When he gets home he’ll have one heck of a tale to tell the neighborhood dogs, and the ending is as fun as the beginning: when he was found, Teddy was frolicking on a children’s playground.

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