Ten Ohio Dogs Saved from Euthanasia

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At the beginning of this week, the Brown County Animal Shelter in Georgetown, Oh., made a public plea asking community members to adopt 10 dogs that had been placed on the euthanasia list. The shelter was running out of space, and if these innocent pets were not rescued by today, Oct. 24, all would be killed. Luckily all animals were rescued in time.

Rex was the last dog from the euthanasia list to be saved. Photo Credit: Brown County Animal Shelter
Rex was the last dog from the euthanasia list to be saved. Photo Credit: Brown County Animal Shelter

The shelter has 32 kennels and at the time the plea was made they had 45 dogs in need of loving homes. Out of these 45 dogs, ten were placed on the urgent list and volunteers hoped animal lovers would come and rescue them. No one wanted to destroy any of the animals.

Like many other shelters across the nation, Brown County Animal Shelter depends on funding and available space to save homeless animals. When these run out, shelter staff is force to euthanize innocent lives.

WCPO Cincinnati News spoke with various shelter workers, and they learned the dogs are placed on the euthanasia list based on seniority.

The ten dogs on the list were:

  • Molly, a 2-year-old American Bulldog
  • Licorice, a 5-year-old lab – rescue adoption pending
  • Hutch, 1-2 year old hound
  • Hannah, 10-month old hound
  • Mace, 2-3 year old lab
  • Buddy, a 3-year-old Chihuahua mix – rescue adoption pending
  • Rex, 1-2 year old lab/hound mix
  • Happy, a 2-year-old lab/hound mix
  • Gus, 1-2 year old black and tan hound
  • Baskin, a 1-year-old terrier mixd

And as soon as the plea went out, local rescue groups and community members started to come in to help the dogs. That same day two dogs found loving home.

Rex was the last dog to be rescued and he was pulled yesterday, one day before the deadline was up.

Immediately, Brown County Animal Shelter took to their Facebook page to let their followers know that all dogs were saved.

“LIST CLEARED. Huge gratitude to the media, all those that shared, and those that sponsored pull fees. We did it with an entire day left for the appointment. Awesome record setting. Thank you, ARAS and LFAW…to all the rescues that help us time and time again.”

We only hope that all shelters were able to find loving homes for all homeless animals and that no shelter would have to turn to euthanasia as a solution to their over crowding problems. It is our wish that someday euthanasia would not only be banned in our country, but it would no longer be necessary.

We encourage you all to visit your local shelters and save a life.