Terrier Litter Born from Sperm Frozen for 22 Years

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Australia’s Monash Veterinary Clinic has announced the birth of a litter of three fox terrier pups from sperm frozen 22 years ago.

Vet Stuart Mason said the healthy pups were produced using a new European technique. Sperm collected from prize-winning fox terrier Grenpark Keepers in 1989 yielded two males and a female more than 18 years after their father passed away.

North Eltham breeder and client Robyn Price said she was elated when the pups were born. “It is incredible that it could be frozen for that long and still come alive. Everyone wants them and they are world famous because their father was a legend.”

Because of the unique nature of the litter the pups were hand raised in controlled temps with around the clock feeding sessions for the first ten days of their existence.

Robyn Price said she has invested more than $6000 in storage fees and surgery costs in order to preserve the legacy of prize-winning fox terrier Grenpark Keepers. “It is quite bizarre when you think about it, but these puppies are priceless.”

34 thoughts on “Terrier Litter Born from Sperm Frozen for 22 Years”

  1. this is insane. don’t we have enough puppies thrown away each day. I agree with Sherry. what is wrong with these people, they need to stop playing GOD!

  2. Sad. I see posts on FB every day about dogs who are literally within hours of being euthanized because they cannot find a forever home, yet this kind of nonsense continues. Thoroughly disgusted and frankly somewhat disappointed that Life With Dogs would publish this. Sorry LWD – love your pics and love your page, but *fail* on this one.

  3. breeding for show of course! amazing how many “show” dogs are re-homed after they’re of no use to the owner. sort of like my greys. 🙁 wow! what some people STILL do even with all the publicity about rescues!


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