Texas Dog Inherits Owner’s Wealthy Fortune

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As the old saying goes, one Texas estate is “going to the dogs”. Literally!

A wealthy Ft. Worth man, Kenneth Bortz, has left his fortune to his best companion, his dog, who is appropriately named Lucky.

Lucky has inherited thousands of dollars worth of china, as well as furniture and collectibles. Bortz had enough furniture to fill 10 homes.

When Bortz passed away, he had no one to leave his fortune too. His spouse had predeceased him, so Lucky was the only close family he had left to share his estate with.

“For Kenneth, his dogs were basically his children, his family,” friend Skipper Dixon said.

The collectibles were offered to Bortz’s distant relatives, however, they declined. Instead, the items were put up for sale. All the proceeds from the sale will go towards Lucky’s care.

When Lucky passes away, the rest of the fortune will be given to Bortz’s nieces and nephews. Until then, Lucky will be living a life of luxury. Talk about one lucky dog!

Kenneth Bortz seen here, has left his massive fortune to his dog, Lucky.

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  1. Man’s best friend. With no other family around, I see no problems with this man wanting his “Child” to continue to live a good life. Bless you Sir 🙂


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