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Texas Puppies Dumped on Busy Road Need Forever Homes

by Katherine

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Back on March 21, 2015, a security camera in Harris County, Texas, captured when a man in a SUV dropped off four puppies on a busy road. The man also dumped dog food along the two lane road, hoping the puppies would stay on the road and get run over. Fortunately, Ellery Andrew, a business owner near the road saw when the puppies were abandoned and rushed to their rescue. One of the puppies has been adopted, but the other three are still waiting for someone to give them their forever homes.



When the dogs were abandoned, Andrew contacted authorities and with the help of the media, the video was released. Authorities hoped the public would help identify and apprehend the man. Andrew and other concerned citizens offered a reward but until today, there is no knowledge of the abuser ever getting apprehended.

Andrew, opened his home to the puppies and cared for them since the day they were pushed out of the car. The rescuer promised to find all dogs good home. One was adobted, but Blanco, Bevis and Crissy have yet to find a family to take them home.

With the help of the online community Out Of The Box Rescue Efforts, Ellery hopes the remaining three dogs find their forever homes.

If you are interested in learning more or adopting one of the dogs, contact Out Of The Box Rescue Efforts.